Pink Knock Out

For the most part I don’t talk about my personal life here but today I’m choosing to because of the topic. I am sitting in the waiting room at the hospital my mom’s lifelong best friend (my other mother) was just called back for surgery. Last week she was diagnosed with breast cancer – so today she begins the process. There are 10 of us sitting in the waiting room pretty much just making idle chit chat at the moment. At times like this there aren’t a whole lot of words.

One of the family friends brought Beth an amazing gift. Pink boxing gloves that are to signify being a fighter. There is a little card attached to the gloves that says:
When all seems hopeless remember the “Steps To Become a Fighter”
Find the courage to fight
Ignite the enthusiasm deep within you
Give 100% every day
Hold on to those who love you
Think positive
Endure the fear & doubt
Remember you are not alone

We, at My Knockout Inc., want to encourage you to “keep fighting” no matter how tough your battle may be.

You are a champion in the eyes of those who love you and we hope the gloves bring you encouragement every day. Remember to “never give up”.

{Update: this post was written in October of 2008. Beth passed away in August 2010}

9 thoughts on “Pink Knock Out

  1. That’s so nice!

    Tonight my college is having a Pink-Out football game. Everyone has to wear pink, and give at least a dollar, and they have a goal of some crazy amount of money, so hopefully they reach it!

  2. Aww, Beth, our thoughts and prayers are with you today! And the pink gloves says it all. I have a feeling she won’t need those though :D That woman came out of the womb fighting :)

  3. Very sweet! Wishing Beth the best!

    I’ve been struggling with an issue the exhausts my energy – draining physically and emotionally. Thanks to you, this post kicks my flat ass!

  4. I am seaching for some idea to write in my blog… somehow come to your blog. best of luck. Eugene

  5. aw that is a GREAT present! I can’t wait to hear the good news, that Beth is a cancer survivor!!!!!

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