Single Girl's Guide to Grocery Shopping // buying groceries for one can be a pain

No I Will Not Buy in Bulk … Grocery Shopping Tips For One

One of my favorite personal finance blogs, Get Rich Slowly, posted today Buying Food: Grocery Shopping Tips from 1950 which includes a video (yes from the 50s) and the subsequent grocery shopping tips “we” should get from this video. When I read most grocery shopping tips I get pretty annoyed – most of these are […]

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Groceries cost 5.8% more than the same time last year

Yesterday I learned through YumSugar that several big label grocery items are shrinking in quantity yet keeping the same price. This information came from a Time magazine article stating that rising commodity and fuel prices are causing manufacters to either raise the price of food or lower the quantities. Harvard Business School Professor John Gourville […]

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The Great Grocery Store Secrets

Photo Credit: The Consumerist MSN Health & Fitness has an article on 10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn’t Want You to Knowthat was pretty disturbing. There are several things I certainly didn’t know and kind of wish I hadn’t thought about. Shopping carts are as dirty as public toilets. “Just think about the fact that […]

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