10 Questions to Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING

10 Questions to Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING

This is the 5th post in December’s Top Tens Series. This guest post was written by Jenny Blake, who just published her first book named after (and I’m sure based on) her thought provoking blog Life After College. You may have noticed it in the sidebar or Books page here. Jenny was a Google Employee for over 5 years!, Coffee Addict & Gadget Freak.

D is for Doing | 10 Questions to Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING | GenpinkClose your eyes for a minute and think of a problem, a tough decision or a big question that you are weighing and would like an answer to. Set aside 30 minutes to reflect on the questions below, either in your head or on paper (I use Google Docs — and even created a template for you!). You might also focus on one question each day or week – let it ruminate over time, then jot down notes as various ideas pop up.

Do you have a topic yet?

10 Questions to Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING | Jenny Blake on Genpink

You might be tempted to just skim this post and pretend you have a topic, even though you know it’s fuzzy and you’re just sort of going through the motions (we all do it). Before you keep going, really think of something. Don’t keep reading until you have a topic or idea in mind that is so-big-it’s-scary (but also exciting).

  1. When you think of [topic], what are you most excited about?
  2. How does this [topic] fit in with your vision of your highest self?
  3. What is your goal in this area? Now double it. What is the version of the goal that is so big you are afraid to admit (even to yourself) for fear of failure?
  4. What’s holding you back / What are you afraid of?
  5. What support do you need to move forward?
  6. What one next step would make the biggest impact to move your forward (or help with your decision)?
  7. What would achieving this get you?
  8. Close your eyes and ask each major decision-making system for advice: What does your head say? What does your heart say? What does your gut say? How can you reconcile the three? (Okay so I cheated and combined four questions in one)
  9. Dig even deeper. What do you really want?
  10. What are you waiting for?

After you’ve reflected on the questions above, take a minute to answer the bonus million dollar question:

Based on your answers above, what are you willing to take ACTION on in the next week? Leave your answer in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “10 Questions to Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING

  1. I gotta quit my job!!! or more specifically, I need to give my 2 weeks notice next week.. something I am terrified about doing (it never feels right to willingly step away from a good job – esp in this economy), but know it’s ultimately going to get me closer to my dream lifestyle. Something you, personally, have helps put in motion ;)

    Keep spreading the good word my friend!! You are an inspiration to many.

  2. For pretty much my entire life, I have been an overachiever who has gone above and beyond to get the A-in college, though, I have realized that the A doesn’t necessarily mean learning what I need to learn. This dilemma, along with going from part time to full time, while being a full time student, and now living with my boyfriend which adds that whole being in a committed relationship+housework aspect, and I am sooo burned out. I am BURNED OUT. I have been BURNED OUT since I was 16 years old.

    ME time. RELAXATION time. UNSCHEDULED DO WHATEVER I WANT time has been my goal for at least 4 years.

    Thursday, I am officially going on my first real RELAXATION vacation. Los Cabos, Mexico for 5 days. Finally allowing myself something fantastic. Yay me!

  3. Hi LaRue! I know EXACTLY what you mean – we get stuck in the mindset of over-achieving and sometimes forget to look at what it is we truly want, outside of expectations or achievements. I wrote a lot about this in one of my earlier posts, “Motivated by Achievement.”

    I think it is AMAZING that you are giving yourself some unscheduled do whatever you want time — wuhooo!!! You go girl :)

    Have fun in Cabo!! So excited for you. Enjoy — you’ve earned it!

  4. Hey J! This is HUGE. The fact that you’ve made that decision and are taking steps toward your dream lifestyle is huge. And I can only imagine that it’s terrifying at the same time.

    I had a coach ask me recently (when talking about my job), “Do you feel like you are using your gifts the best way you possibly can to serve the world?” There was no doubt in my mind that the answer was no…which is not to say my job is BAD, it just means that there is more out there for us.

    I cannot wait to see where you take things from here, my friend. I have no doubt that you will hustle and do whatever it takes to succeed! And call if you need a pep talk before or after your big announcement :)

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