Website of the Day: Santa Speaking

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas time here in Texas quite yet but according to my calendar Christmas is just around the corner. I don’t normally talk about child/baby related products because there are plenty of mommy blogs out there but I thought this was worth passing along. There is a website that provides live personalized calls from Santa. makes customized phone calls to let your children have their own phone call with Santa.

A live phone call from Santa Claus from offers the most exciting and memorable way to talk to Santa! Completely personalized, completely fun, and totally believable!! So make your list (and check it twice!), schedule your personal phone call from Santa for the 2007 Christmas Season today and witness the awe on your child’s face when they talk to Santa. It’s fun for the entire family!

My favorite part is that they send you a CD of the recorded phone call. Would you use a service like this for your little ones?

3 thoughts on “Website of the Day: Santa Speaking

  1. Aw! I think that is precious and pretty dang clever. I know several parents that have older friends pose as Santa on the line, I think it’s just so cute and in the holiday spirit.

  2. No, I can fib….and even lie sometimes to help save children’s innocence, BUT staging something to flat out lie to them….can’t do it! Especially because nine times out of ten they’ll remember later on. Then again, I totally lied the other day when asked by one of my students: Do reindeer really fly? Since I can’t lie to save my life, I said YUP and then moved on to another table of students in the classroom to avoid further discussion! haha

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