Winter Makeup Tips for Your Skin

When cold sets in, it is important to pay attention to our health. This includes more vitamins overall, more water and exercise, and of course, to start thinking about different types of makeup, especially for our skin.


First of all, as mentioned before drinking loads of water is important. The foundation of great skin is rooted in the level of hydration overall. Often when it gets cold outside, we forget to drink water, which in turn influences the texture of our skin. Water helps maintain a natural level of hydration by reducing flakiness.  This internal hydration should be complimented by topical hydration in the form of a moisturizer.


Some of the best moisturizers are serums because they are light and do not block pores with an excessive amount of lipids. For combination skin, rich moisturizer can be applied on the least oily areas, while a more gel based moisturizer on the oily T-zone area.

Foundation & Powder

Usually, liquid foundation is great for the winter. Dependent on the coverage requirements, a mid-level coverage can be easily reached with most liquid foundations and of course a hint of loose powder can set the look. BB creams are the best solution in my opinion, because they have a low to mid-level coverage and they ensure a natural look.

Blush & Bronzing

First of all, part of a healthy look is the right color of foundation. Our skin starts looking pale, it is therefore important to purchase the right color of foundation instead of buying the tone that was even suitable during the spring months. If we feel pale, buying a darker foundation does not help anyway; it only leaves marks around our chin and neckline. A bronzer or a tinted powder around the cheeks, nose, and forehead is sufficient to give a touch of glow to our skin.


Finally, it is important to use sunscreen. Just because there is no sunshine out there, does not mean UV rays are not bombarding your skin. Using BB creams containing SPF can be a light solution, especially because BB creams are usually equipped with moisturizing properties. More information on winter skin issues can be found on


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