10 Gym & Yoga Bags for every budget

stylish giraffe yoga bag plus more gym bags and yoga mats

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Keep all your workout essentials in any of the stylish bags below, so you’re always ready for your next trip to the yoga studio or the gym. It helps to put your gym bag with all the essentials in the car so you have no excuses after work.

(We’ve rounded up ladies activewear clothes and accessories, too!)

Gym Bags Under $25

Xersion Lux Gym Bag

Hit the gym with all your workout gear conveniently packed in this handy Xersion Lux gym bag. It features double handles and a shoulder strap for versatile carrying options. $11.79 at JCPenny

JCPenny gym bag // xersion // more bags and yoga mats on GenPink

Chevron Duffle Bag

This on-trend bag is available in multiple colors, so take your pick! We of course like the black and white or the pink one. $19.99 on Amazon

chevron gym bag plus more workout bags and yoga mats on genpink

Gym Bags Under $50

Adidas Duffle

This cute bag comes in a baby pink shade with a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort. $40 from Dick’s Sporting Goods

super cute adidas gym bag plus more workout bags and yoga mats on genpink

or Zappos carries it in Genpink, I mean hot pink, for $30
hotpink adidas gym bag plus more workout bags and yoga mats on genpink

Gym Bags Under $75

Zella Quilted Tote

Beautiful, quilted and classy. $74.99 from Nordstrom

Zella Quilted Tote from Nordstrom // Gym & Yoga Bags for Every Budget

Gym Bags Under $100

Vera Bradley Bag

Choose from an array of popular patterns by Vera Bradley. This bag works perfectly for traveling too! $85 from Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Large Duffle Bag makes a super cute gym bag!

Yoga Mat Bags

Watercress Cargo Mat Bag. $17.99 on Zappos from Gaiam 

watercress mat bag // plus more cute bags and mats on genpink

Dragonfly Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag. $15.99 from Gaiam

dragonfly mat bag // plus more cute bags and yoga mats on genpink

Gaiam Yoga Mat Sling. $9.98 from Gaiam

 gaiam sling bag plus more mags and mats on genpink

Giraffe Handmade Yoga Bag. $24 from Etsy

giraffe yoga bag

(All images were retrieved from the products’ websites.)