10 Signs You Might Be a Xenophile

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This guest post was written by Jennifer Buxton, a social media consultant living in Dallas (yep that’s how we met!), who is a wife, mom, world traveler and coffee aficionado. Not necessarily in that order.

Xenophile [zen-uh-fahyl, zee-nuh-] noun. A person attracted to that which is foreign, especially to foreign peoples, manners or cultures. Having traveled the world and lived in Europe, I love watching people and listen to them interact with others, especially when they look and sound different than me.  Here are ten signs you might also be a xenophile…

10. You love learning different languages like Spanish, French, Pig-Latin, etc.

9. Your favorite clothing are kimono, sari and dashiki. (BTW, you know what these items are without googling them.)

8. You are attracted to people that look and speak differently than you.


Panahar Bangladeshi Cuisine

7. Your favorite restaurants are ethnic, and you order off the menu in their language.

6. You rack up more frequent flyer miles than Santa Claus.

5. You DVR Rick Steves’ Europe and fantasize that one day you will do his job.

4. You prefer BBC over CNN.

3. Your Netflix queue has more foreign films than American films.

2. Along with Christmas, you also celebrate Noche Buena or Heiligabend.

And the number one sign you might be a xenophile: Your iPod is full of music in other languages, and your favorite Christmas song is Feliz Navidad.

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