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[Update: Nablopomo did not end up happening for me but the ABCs were finally launched in March (nothing slow about me!) – this was originally written in 2007]

Today marks day 1 of November which also means the beginning of NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. I will be posting every day for the month of November. I decided that I wanted to have a theme to make my postings tie together.

Since GenPink is about being a twenty something woman I decided my theme would be the ABCs of life in your twenties. To get things started today I’m going to do the ABCs of me. I got this idea from Courtney. This will give you a little background for my upcoming posts.

  • a: Athletic – a word that should never be used in a sentence with my name. I am the most unathletic person ever. I don’t even know how to ride a bike, yep you read that right I never learned.
  • b: Blog – I started this blog out of curiosity and now I love it. Blogging is a great resource for connecting with the world.
  • c: Camera – I love taking pictures. I also love photoshopping pictures. Every picture that is ever put up by me has been doctored in some way or another.
  • d: Design – I am a designer. I tell people I “make stuff pretty” for a living. Sometimes ugly designs drive me batty. Like ugly restaurant menus don’t get me started.
  • e: Elysa – that’s my name. My mom saw it on a purple billboard when she was riding a motorcycle in Paris when she was in her twenties. The question is, do you know how to say it …
    eh (as in Elizabeth) Lisa – got it? just like Lisa with an E ok!
  • f: Food – Love it! I eat all the time. I usually eat about every 2 or 3 hours. I would have a lot more money if I wasn’t hungry all the time.
  • g: Girls – I love my girls. I have so many girl friends its a bit overwhelming. I was recently accused of being a lesbian because of how many pictures I have of myself with different girls. Rest assured I promise I am not, I just have great friends.
  • h: Helpful – I love being helpful. I have always been a caretaker type. I try to find ways that I can help out when my friends are in need.
  • i: Imaginative – I have always been kind of a dreamer/inventor type. I’m glad that has manifested into a career that allows me to be imaginative.
  • j: Joyful – I am joyful most of the time. I think that life is too short to spend time unhappy. Life is Now!
  • k: Knowledgeable – Yeah I know stuff! Actually I really am an intellectual type. I make quirky, silly comments a lot on this blog just for fun but I was always considered the smart kid in class. AND I’m a blonde, so ha!
  • l: Loving – I am pretty loving, not as much as others. I am working on that.
  • m: Michelle – that’s my middle name. My stepmom is named Lesa (pronounced Lisa) so at my dad’s house it gets too confusing if I go by my first name. I have been called many variations of the name Michelle – Mikey seems the be the one that stuck. That’s Mikey, as in “Mikey likes it” not MiCKey as in Mickey mouse.
  • n: Nerd – I am a big nerd. I am a blonde computer nerd. Actually I’m a Mac loving nerd I DO NOT like PCs.
  • o: Observant – I am very observant and I love to be an observer. I love watching and analyzing people. I have fun trying to figure people out.
  • p: Pink – love it! I am the ultimate girlie girl. I love clothes and shoes and purses. They just don’t love my bank account.
  • q: Quotes – I absolutely love great quotes. In college I had my whole closet door covered in post it notes with fun quotes on them. I added some of my favorite random quotes on the side bar. Right now I have this quote in my wallet …

    Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do. – Shaquille O’Neal

  • r: Reserved – I am pretty reserved when I first meet people. The shyness wears off after I get to know someone but sometimes that takes a while.
  • s: Singing – most people don’t know that I am a singer. I absolutely love music. I have been singing on stage since I was 5 years old. My biggest solo performance was in front of 1,500 people. My most prestigious was singing with my high school choir at Carnegie Hall in December of 1999.
  • t: Tristan – I have a half brother who is the coolest, we are 14 years different in age but he is almost as tall as me. That could be because my our dad is 6’5″.
  • u: Unique – I love learning about people’s uniquenessessess. One of mine is I make up words.
  • v: Visionary – I am a visionary. I love to make plans and goals for the future.
  • w: Wine – I love me some wine, mostly red, mostly Cab but really I love wine.
  • x: X-height – I am a graphic designer so I know weird words like that and I use them in everyday conversation. In case you were wondering what x-height means – check here.
  • y: Yesterday – I try not to live in the past. I believe that everything happens for a reason so I don’t see a point in dwelling on yesterday. I do however, love the song Yesterday.
  • z: Zodiac – I am an Aquarius. What are you? Oh and my first dorm room was decorated in Zebra print.

How ’bout you pick a letter and tell me something random about you.

I’m off to design a new blog theme since it is no longer October.

Photo provided by Pixabay.

16 thoughts on “ABCs of me

  1. What a cool theme for this month. I did an alphabet post yesterday and it took me forever. I also used “camera” for C. Anyway, to answer your question(s): Z for zodiac–I’m an Aries. But I don’t really fit the mold.

  2. This was very informative!! Oh, and I love your and your brother’s names–they’re so beautiful!

    As for me, Zodiac=Sagittarius, but I don’t really know what that means ;)

  3. Good luck with Nablopomo! I want to do it, but feel like there’s a chance my brain would explode by November 10th if I attempted blogging everday. This was a great intro to the month and I can’t wait to read more! Oh, and my letter is J- for Jealous of what a fantastic blog you have. Sigh. I need to learn more about computers!

  4. Excellent post! Good to see another Mac nerd (although I cannot claim complete Mac nerdiness due to working in the professional development world with Microsoft stuff).

    I love wine too. I find myself worrying that I drink too much of it though. At the moment Pino Grigio is a favourite.

  5. Ooh I was so excited that you were athletic and I had never known it! And then I read further. B for boo.

    Haha. I loved the rest of the list though! I love quotes too!

  6. C- comic sans is my most hated font on planet earth.

    I loved your “x” – I laughed out loud. And I may have you beat Ms. Unathletic. Every sport I’ve ever tried I’ve gotten injured in one way, shape or form. Beat that.

    p.s. I love your middle name :)

  7. I actually don’t know how to ride a bike, either. You are not alone! I never learned because I didn’t want to, and I grew up right next to the Pentagon, and there was nowhere to bike. Now I’m six feet tall, and I’m scared to learn now because I have a lot farther to fall, haha.

    Found you through 20-something bloggers, by the way!

  8. ugh. I’m sorry to make you hate me. Seriously, get on with someone’s family pack – that is the way to go! the only reason i got it is becuase we convinced my bosses we needed to upgrade!

  9. How about M. M is for music, something I can’t live with out! P.S. Mandy Moore’s new CD= fabulous! :o)

  10. Hi! I know I’m new and kind of late on replying… but hey, I remember learning to ride a bike as a kid; it was a somewhat excruciating experience. Lots of scraped knees and palms. Now I’m learning to ride a unicycle, which is a whole other ballgame! Balance side-to-side AND front-to-back. That takes some mad coordination… and lots and lots of practice. :)

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