ABCs of Gen Y

Let’s first start with how this idea came to me. In November of 2007 I decided it would be a great idea to participate in NabloPoMo. Which if you don’t know means you commit to blog every day (including weekends) for a month. I knew that in the time that I had already been blogging there were days that I had a hard time coming up with a topic. So I decided to help me get through NabloPoMo I would come up with a theme. That’s when the idea of doing the ABCs came to me. I started November 1 with the ABCs of me and that’s pretty much how far I made it that month.

A few months later as I was approaching my blogiversary, I decided there’s no time like the present and launched the official ABCs to coincide with the launching of Brazen Careerist (which I’m a contributor of).

So here we are:

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