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Haaaapppppppyyyyy blogiversary to me [insert awful singing voices here]. April 20th was my 1 year blogiversary!

What I learned through my first year of blogging …

  • It’s quite complicated to write an introduction to something that you’ve never done but I think this first year has turned out pretty close to what I planned – What is GenPink?
  • For me comments make me feel like I’m in a popularity contest at school. I love it when I have a lot of comments on my posts. My first high commented post was Top 5 ways to entertain yourself when you are bored [at work]
  • The more I blogged the more blogs I began reading and the more things I wanted to share with my readers. That’s how I first started deciding to do occasional roundup of fun things I liked around the web.
  • Since the internet is such a vast sea of information it’s very cool when you are connected or compared to some of the big names. My first experience with this was being apart of The W List: Outstanding Women Bloggers and then came The Twenty Something Bloggers (20SB) network.
  • After being linked with other bloggers I decided I wanted to have bloggers join my blog. I started having various guest bloggers in September and have continued this through the Twenty Something Advice series and then in March with The ABCs of Gen Y
  • I learned that I loved it when other people blog about me. It’s fun to have 5 minutes of internet fame.
  • I also learned that mini-blogging and twittering can be a fun edition to blogging.
  • Something interesting I discovered is sometimes it’s the short posts that ask a great question spark more conversation that the more in-depth posts.
  • With blogging as in life it’s fun to receive awards.

and last but not least … the blogging world has taught me that people love give-aways so

genpink is giving away a blog design

How do you enter? That’s fairly simple, just go leave a comment on any of my posts from the last year. I will keep track of all of the commenters from now until May 1 and I will announce the winner Friday, May 2. Linking to this post from your blog will get you another entry into the pot and linking to any of my previous posts/series will also get you a chance. So you have a possibility of being entered 3 times.

14 thoughts on “Blogiversary Giveaway

  1. Since you’ve been blogging for a year, can you post a bit about audience development? What’s worked best, what hasn’t? Despite having what I think is decent traffic for random stranger on the web, I cannot convert views to RSS subscribers, thus I’d love tips from a blogger who’s succeeding.

    Also, I LOVE Hepburn quote/design. Black and fuschia are my signature colors, so you have a fan!

  2. Happy blogversary!

    I really enjoyed your A-Z series. Not only did it give your input on various things 20 somethings deal with, but also guest blogger’s ideas. It was very relatable.

    Also, thanks for the promoting your blog link above. That’s one thing i’ve been trying to figure out, so the advice is very much appreciated!

  3. This is my first comment so let me start by saying Happy Blogiversay! Will there be cake? If so I’m so there!

    I recently found your blog when you were doing The ABC’s of Gen Y and Slice of Pink did a guest post and I was instantly hooked. I mean being a fellow Texan how could I not be.

    I think the post that has most resonated with me was Q is for Quarterlife. I am 27 and wondering if I should go back to school for my masters in real estate development or if I should pursue my true love which is photojournalism. I keep thinking I’m not getting any younger, yet I’m still single so what is holding me back… these are things that keep me up at night.

  4. You’re pretty famous for being only a year old!

    Also, though I’d love a custom header… even more than that I’d love a lesson!

    I should really just go buy what, Photoshop?

  5. oooo this is a great idea elysa! i’m working on my own redesign (which will probably take forever), maybe you could help me with figuring out how to do 3 columns instead? ;)



  6. Happy Blogiversary! My third blogiversary is in two weeks – it’s crazy how big blogging has become!

    Have a cake or an RSS feed with a candle or something to celebrate. ;)

  7. I really enjoyed the A-Z series, it made me think and reflect about how I have spent my 20’s and what changes I want to make.

  8. Congrats on your blogiversary. Mine will be coming up in June and I am excited about it as well. It will be nice seeing how far I have come along in a year.

    Since I just got a new blog design it would be nice to have a new header. I have 2 headers in rotation and I haven’t had time to make more b/c of lack of time.

    So enter me in this contest yo!

    I guess I can leave my thoughts. Recently you posted on plans for your new blog and what categories I would like to see more posts on. Well since I am a photographer I would love to see more posts on photography and awesome photographers. You should check out Jesh De Rox he is pretty amazing with photos and incorporating textures. I got many others but I’ll just share one right now.

    I am going to be putting a link to your blog in my links section on my blog.

  9. Happy blogversary!

    I found your blog about six months ago. I would always rant and rave to my friends that there were not any twentysomething women without children blogging. But then I became connected with GenPink and a whole universe of twentysomething women from all backgrounds who I can relate to.


    Oh yeah I loved the ABC’s.

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