Closing Out 2010 with 35 Top 10 Lists

I’ve been entrenched in the blogging world for almost 4 years now. Each year at this time of year I see numerous “Best of this blog’s” series. Although, I may end up compiling a best of GenPink post before the year ends I decided some time in November that I wanted to close out the year with some insight from the best and brightest.

With the winter weather and holiday celebrations many people allow their brains to shut off during the end of the year. I’m quite the opposite. I love the transition into a new year, with new beginnings, new posibilities and fresh start. I have always used the end of the year as a time of contemplation and analysis, of how my year stacked up in comparision to my goals. This year my network of awesome/brilliant people has grown tenfold. I’ve always liked hanging out with smart people and it seems this was the year to really get to be apart of something bigger. Professionally. Personally. Online and Offline.

And so… thirty five guest authors contributed 35 Top 10 Lists on varying topics. I highly recommend taking the time to read and contemplate each post. There is so much inspiration, insight, and juice in each post. The entire series blew away my expectations. A special thank you to all of the contributing authors, everyone who left thought provoking comments, and any/all of you that shared the posts with your networks. Inspired by my previous guest post series – The ABCs of Life as Twentysomething, I decided to run this series in an ABC order as well.

  1. A: 10 Ways to be an Awesome Alma Mater Alum – by Lea Marino, CM for Bizzy
  2. B: 10 Ways to be Beautiful without Spending a Penny – by Janet of Slice of Pink
  3. C: 10 Ways To Stay Connected Without Facebook – by Elisa of Ophelia’s Webb
  4. C: 10 Cooking Techniques Everyone Should Master – by Rory Ellis (who happens to be my bf)
  5. D: Top 10 Ways To De-Stress – by Grace Boyle of Small Hands Big Ideas
  6. D: 10 Questions to Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING – by Jenny Blake, author of Life After College
  7. E: Top 10 Cold Hard Truths About Entrepreneurship – by David Stehle blogger at The Rest is Still Unwritten
  8. F: Make Fitness A Lifestyle. Ten Ways To Stick With It – by Michelle, aka Jillian Michaels Wannabe
  9. G: 10 Techniques for Getting Thru Heartache – by Tanja Dugas (long time friend) blogger at Truly Freely Deeply
  10. H: 10 Tips to Being Happy this Holiday – by Christine Arylo, author of Choosing ME before WE
  11. H: 10 Reasons You Should Have a Hobby Outside of Work – by Skydiving Sydney Owen
  12. I: Ten Ways to Rock Being Location Independent – by Ryan Paugh, co-founder of Brazen Careerist
  13. I: 10 Internet Dating Tips from – by Colin Burns, social media for
  14. J: 10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a New Job – by Penelope Trunk, CEO of Brazen Careerist and author of book by same name
  15. K: 10 Ways to Create Karma at Work – by Vickie Elmer, journalist and freelance writer
  16. L: 10 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need – by Sam Davidson, author of 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need
  17. M: Ten Things Every Woman Should Know About Money – by Olga Garcia, PR strategist
  18. N: Ten Great Ways To Handle “No” – by Derek Shanahan, headhoncho at 20sb
  19. O: 10 Tips For Life On The Road – by world traveler, Ben Smithee
  20. P: 10 Ways to Pay it Forward – by Kate Hall, publicisit for PowerPR
  21. P: 10 Things To Keep At Your Desk To Stay Productive – by Paul Balcerak, web producer and journalist
  22. Q: 10 Things to Quit Putting on Your Resume – by Andrea Venezio, Executive Recruiter (also friend since 9 y/o)
  23. R: 10 Things You Must Know about Relocating for a Job – by Tiffany Monhollon of Personal PR
  24. R: Top 10 Ways to Ensure New Years’ Resolution Success – by Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach
  25. S: Ten Tips on Staying Sane in a World Filled with Insanity – by Monica Evan, seminary student
  26. S: 10 Things To Know Before Taking That Social Media Job – by Jessica Malnik, Gen Y Blogger
  27. T: Ten Life Lessons I Learned While Traveling – by Olivia McDaniel (college roomie) blogger at two{wandering}
  28. U: Ten Ways to Deal With Unemployment – by Lauren Fernandez, co-founder of u30pro
  29. V: Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Volunteering – by Nicole Staudinger, non-profit communications specialist
  30. W: Top 10 Grown-Up Walt Disney World “Musts!” – by Cailin Szczesiul of A White Picket Fence
  31. X: 10 Signs You Might Be a Xenophile – by Jennifer Buxton, RealPoshMom
  32. X: Our Top 10 Xmas Traditions – by Erica of Five Blondes
  33. Y: 10 Reasons Yoga Makes Your Life Better – by Doniree Walker, 20something wanderlust & yogini
  34. Z: 10 Ways Getting More Zzzzz Will Improve Your Health – by Julianna LoCascio, personal trainer (also my cousin)
  35. Z: 10 Ways to Restore Your Digital Zen – by Eric Swayne, Digital Strategist at Rockfish

Again Thank YOU to all the contributors!

PS: I’ve had several people ask if they can guest post on GenPink. The answer is yes. If you have some advice for 20somethings, you can guest post.

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