Collection of Top 10 Resources for Gen Y (and everyone else)

A while ago I did a round up of 101 one hundred and ones and I must first say I got some very odd keyword search referrals for quite a while after that. Today’s post is top 10 lists – sparked by a impulsive decision to peruse through my older delicious bookmarks. So here are several different top 10 lists of tips, resources, articles, etc. all of which apply to the gen y/millennial crowd that I’ve been saving for a rainy day, or ya know a New Year.

General Life Advice




Have any top 10 resources I may have missed – perhaps one of your own?

2 thoughts on “Collection of Top 10 Resources for Gen Y (and everyone else)

  1. Elsya,

    Thanks for the inclusion of the Top Gen Y bloggers on this resource list. There’s definitely some fascinating reads among the bunch.

    I hope you’ll take the time to submit a list of some of your favorites when you get a chance!

    I’m glad I got the chance to get acquainted with your work.

    Best Wishes!


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