Creating the Perfect Home Work Station A la Pinterest

How great does it feel to sit down at a brand new desk? New folders, pens, drawers for goodies and a comfy chair. Makes you feel like you could sit for hours and crank out some awesome work- right? The space you work in can have a major impact on your productivity, energy, health and stress levels.  If it’s too small, you’ll feel stifled and if it lacks that personal touch, odds are you’ll find yourself working someplace more comfortable like on the couch, a kitchen table or even worse, in bed. We’ve all been there!

To make the absolute best use of your limited time, consider the relationship between your time and workspace. How often do you sit down in a place that makes you feel productive? Probably not as often as you could if you had the perfect home work station. I usually work on my iPhone while I’m standing in line somewhere, waiting for an appointment or during my morning commute. Sometimes I even take my iPad to the gym. Seriously, these are not the best places to effectively get things done.

I’m moving soon and lately have found myself scrolling through Pinterest looking for ideas to create an awesome workstation in my new home, among other DIY projects. Moving is a convenient excuse to renovate a workspace, but you don’t need an excuse to find your ideal space. Pinterest is all the inspiration you need to create a workstation that fits you.

If you are a twenty (or thirty) something female and don’t live in cave of video games like so many men we know, then you’ve heard of the virtual pinboard app Pinterest. Today, the average Pinterest user is a female, between the ages of 25-40 and uses the app to find workouts, recipes, fashion advice or DIY crafts and projects.Take a peek at the GenPink collection if want to see what its all about.

When trying to creative your ideal workspace ask yourself:

  • How much desk space will I need?
  • Do I want a bulletin board?
  • How is the lighting in the room?
  • Will I need files for paper?
  • Where will electrical cords go?
  • What is my color scheme?

You’ll also want to consider the vibe of the space. Some people work best with loud, bold colors for excitement while others might like a softer palette with a mini chandelier for serenity. Whatever fits your personality and will bring out your best attitude should be the direction you want to go. A home workspace should be a safe place, a retreat and haven.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I suggest taking a look at design blogs, specialty magazines like Storage from Better Homes and Garden or, check out some of the cute, yet functional workspaces below. Maybe you’ll find you have an itch to create the perfect work station of your own based on these inspiring snapshots.




About the author:

Andrea Genevieve Michnik is a new mom, blogger and entrepreneur living in Austin, TX. From 9-5 she runs social media marketing campaigns for the tech company Rackspace. Outside of that, she’s helping female entrepreneurs shine with creative branding and blogging strategy through her side business, BrandKit. When she’s not building her business or sewing, you’ll find her in a yoga studio, outside in the sunshine with her little man or enjoying Austin foods with a side of champagne. Follow her on Google +, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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