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3 ways to creatively organize scarves

Chances are it’s scarf weather in your corner of the world. Unless, like us, you live in Texas (or Florida) where it’s still quite warm. Even still if you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of scarves…a variety of colors, sizes and thickness (the blanket scarf is one of my faves!). Here are several solutions to […]

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How Pinterest Can Help Make Your Twenties a Breeze | Genpink

How Pinterest Can Help Make Your Twenties a Breeze

This guest post was written by Ali, leave her your thoughts in the comments! See her other genpink posts here. Let’s face it, your twenties can be really hard. Financial instability, crappy jobs and simply feeling lost can really take a toll on your happiness and life. Don’t let anyone fool you, the quarter-life crisis […]

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Link Love & A Request

I’ll probably write more about this but, if you are not following me on my many other social channels you may not know that I am currently recovering from foot surgery. Yesterday, was the three week mark. And while the procedure was pre-scheduled I had NO idea what an adventure it would be. Since I […]

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Creating the Perfect Home Work Station A la Pinterest

How great does it feel to sit down at a brand new desk? New folders, pens, drawers for goodies and a comfy chair. Makes you feel like you could sit for hours and crank out some awesome work- right? The space you work in can have a major impact on your productivity, energy, health and stress […]

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milk and wine. his and hers.

Randomness + Link Love

It’s been a while since I’ve done link round up posts. But I am constantly sharing awesome things on Twitter and Pinterest so I decide it’s about time I shared the awesomeness here on my pink corner of the web. So my first order of business is deciding which day of the week I should […]

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{crafty} Repurpose T-Shirts – 10+ Ideas to Recycle Your Tees

As someone who has been to my fair share of conferences over the past few years, I have a growing collection of swag t-shirts. Most of them are for one tech start-up or another. I work remotely (aka from home) most days, so my work attire generally does involve yoga pants and t-shirts. But, even […]

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