March Forward: Spring Fitness giveaway

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(This giveaway has concluded.)

Let’s say goodbye to the cold temps and a big HELLO to sunshine and pretty weather. I can’t wait to spend some time outdoors, and I hope you are too! The weather makes for a great outdoor workout. Whether it’s a jog around the park or a yoga sesh on the lawn, there are lots of fun fitness activities to do. To kick off the spring season and help get you motivated to workout, we’re giving away a fitness pack full of great items.


How to enter:

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(Mandatory) Answer the following two questions in the comments section below for a chance to win the fitness bundle! This pack includes a yoga mat, a Vapur Foldable Water Bottle, a stick of Ultra SPF 30 ChapStick, Nike hair ties and a personal running trainer app.

1) How do you stay fit?

2) What’s your #1 fitness tip?

One random winner will be chosen on March 31. Remember to provide your email, so we can contact you if you win. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “March Forward: Spring Fitness giveaway

  1. 1) How do you stay fit? By re-connecting with past loves. I played volleyball at the high school and collegiate levels, but got “too busy” in my early 20s. About two years ago, I was invited to play again, and just getting back out there — man, endorphin rush! Now I play 3x a week. Yes, I’m tired the next morning. Yes, I have to say no to things to play. But it CAN be done and its worth it.
    2) What’s your #1 fitness tip? It’s can’t just be one or the other. I started running to lose weight (Texas food + slowing metabolism, amiright), but I didn’t really change my diet, so I was frustrated that the weight didn’t fly off my hips. I was finally successful when I balanced eating right (for me, the Paleo diet was the right plan, but to each their own) with exercise.

  2. I stay fit by playing soccer and my number fitness tip is to stay hydrated (drink plenty of water).

  3. 1) Running when the weather is nice and Yoga with friends 2 times a week!
    2) I like to change into my gym clothes before I leave work, that way I can’t make excuses about being lazy!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! – lazergir1 (at) hotmail (com) :)

  4. 1. Working out at the gym.
    2. Work out with a friend to keep you motivated!


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