Proud as a Peacock

Proud as a peacock
Those are the words that my mother sent back to me in an email this afternoon when I asked her to check out the blog post my boss had written about me. Yes, I did say my boss blogs… she blogs a lot actually.

I could tell you about my boss or I could just tell you that she blogs under the domain – no I’m not kidding.

Anyway, this has been an exciting few months for me and I haven’t taken the time to blog about all my fun news, and it looks like I don’t have to because Lisa was bragging about me on her blog this week. And, well it’s a lot more fun for people to be “proud as a peacock” of me than to brag about myself. Dontcha think?

Here’s what she had to say …

Tonight, I welcomed the numbing entertainment, as my day was crammed with tons of business, inclusive of calls and meetings. Typical for a new year, when the entire nation sat idly by for a few weeks with no decisions or processes being engaged, let alone purchasing or upgrading technology programs such as ours. I am really encouraged on what our sales team is developing, an insightful industry engaging social media program inclusive of our clients, products and services. Elysa Rice, our Emerging Media Consultant, is working on an outbound communications schedule that will feature education and client interaction. I have personally agreed to travel the country providing consultative services and complimentary education programs with whoever will hear me. Interested? There are so many programs we can provide that are designed for anyone who wants to be better at what they do. Personally, I like the concept of Transactional vs. Transformational management and tools that engage your employee base within your corporate intentions. Elysa can certainly facilitate, using the latest in Web 2.0 and social media. If you follow her Ellipse Tips, with her 15,000 or so page views monthly, then wouldn’t it be grand to have her in your Ohio office in February??? Ok, how about Florida or California? She’s so tiny, I’ll make sure she dresses warm when heading your way. Let us know via email or phone call, this is really a serious offer here; you’d be crazy to pass this up!

Interestingly enough, this young lady is so powerful in her Internet messaging that a reporter from the local CBS affiliate contacted her for an interview. They have heard how she is speaking at South by Southwest Media Conference in Austin, followed up with her personal blog, so now they want an interview.

Oh, she is also presenting at NAA Student Housing conference as well in February. Man, I am so very proud of her. When I hired her, I did tell her I would sharpen her up for her professional consulting gig of instructing Fortune 500 companies on the art of social networking. But, I didn’t expect her exposure to be so swift… She should know that I will beat her tiny little ass if she cuts me loose prior to the two year commitment I suggested it would take:)

On that note, as a leader of a company, portfolio, or community, what are you doing to feed the passion for your rockstar employee? Getting serious for just one second, and then I am going to bed… if we don’t feed their need for challenge, knowledge and exposure, they will find someplace else to share their wares. Nobody ever questioned me for not engaging my key employees in new development ideologies, along with skill sharpening opportunities within Ellipse. I know when I’ve got a winner on my team. And they will be jettisoned into what makes them shine, even if it means sometimes that it takes leaving the nest and away my tutelage, but frankly that is ok. I know I did my part. See Gen X look for respect and recognition amongst their peers and family, Gen Y need a more extended circle for the accolades and high fives that come with success. To me there is nothing better in my world to support and grow a future, successful business person, ‘cause the personal, social conscience side goes right along with it. You know, isn’t that the “pay it forward” type stuff, right?

So yes folks you did read that right … in the next few months I will be on the news, speaking at NAA in Vegas!, speaking at SXSW and who knows whatelse. Craziness!

4 thoughts on “Proud as a Peacock

  1. This is wonderful! Congrats! I specifically like the partnership between you and your boss that this illustrates. It shows a shift in today's business dynamics and kudos to your boss who also seems to be a mentor as well. Hopefully other managers/supervisors take note that there is a win-win in this heirachy – and it's just title.
    Congrats on taking charge of your professional development in personal branding and creating relationships. Bravo!

  2. What a great compliment to recieve from your boss. Very rare for someone to just publically give praise to their employees (although it sounds like you very well deserve it).

    Now from an insider… how did you boss ever come up with that domain name?

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