Open letter about grieving.... saying goodbye because of cancer

Not Ready

Have you ever been in a situation that you didn’t feel ready for but that there really was no way to really ever be ready. Like stomp-your-feet, hold-your-breath, wish-you-could-do-something to change the outcome because you “don’t wanna.” Have you ever experienced this feeling? Perhaps it came when looking for a new job, starting a new […]

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Pink Knock Out

For the most part I don’t talk about my personal life here but today I’m choosing to because of the topic. I am sitting in the waiting room at the hospital my mom’s lifelong best friend (my other mother) was just called back for surgery. Last week she was diagnosed with breast cancer – so […]

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Pink Planes: AA Miles for the Cure

On my flight today back home from the New Marketing Summit in the Boston area I was browsing through American Way Magazine. An interesting headline caught my attention “Red, White, Blue and Pink.” I knew this must have something to do with breast cancer since it’s October. The first paragraph of the article: “I’m guessing […]

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