Thirty Under 30


Long story short: 200 nominees and 15 judges later, Constructive Grumpiness has announced the Mentors crowned with the very first 30 Under 30 Tweeters and guess who is one of them!



Surprisingly enough, I only recognize two other people DShan of 20sb and Julia Roy. I look forward to connecting with the other mentors. Being given the title of mentor makes me feel like I should offer up some sort of twitter advice — all I’ve got for you is be who you are in real life (IRL). If you read fun articles and like to share them … do that. If you love ridiculous youtube videos … share those. If you respond to people when they talk to you … I might recommend that as well :).

I actually spoke for the DFW Social Media group back in May about Utilizing Twitter for Small Business (be warned the presentation was 1 hour long and this video is unedited). If you are involved in marketing, PR, do freelance work or just want to know more about networking, or perhaps growing your blog, through twitter feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’m always happy to help!

If you’re on twitter and want to follow me, I’m @elysa. To follow along with the discussion watch the hashtag #30u30t. New to twitter and want to know about hashtags?

Thank you to the judges of 30 under 30!

9 thoughts on “Thirty Under 30

  1. Thanks Erica! I love your new avatar photo – can’t really see it big on the site but it shows up larger on my dashboard to approve comments.

    When are you guest posting again?

  2. I was also surprised by who was in top to be honest. There were a lot of “well knowns” that did reach the point of mentor. I think that sometimes we get caught up in number of followers and my goal for this project was to focus on content.


  3. That is a great little list for those with social media and techie/internet aspirations. I’m not familiar with anyone but you and the guy from 20 somethings, most of my read leans toward policy blogs but I will have to check the faces out.

  4. Congratulations are definitely in order! I’m horrible at engaging on twitter (I blame it on not actually having internet at home, but that’s another story) but I adore all the articles and info you share.

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