This and That: Superbowl, Etsy, Sushi, Love, Blogging and Birthdays

So, the Superbowl is in Dallas this weekend.

The weather in Dallas also looked like this yesterday:

snowing in Dallas
this is the view outside my livingroom window

Several of my friends had off work yesterday/today for a snow day. I however, did not. Because a) I work from home (can’t stop me mr. evil winter weather muahaha) b) my company is based out of sunny California c) it was entirely too cold outside to really leave the computer anyway d) I heart my job so I end up working on “days off” – some people call those weekends.

Also, my birthday is in 5 days. Which is awesome… but… WHERE THE HECK DID JANUARY GO?! Seriously, I blinked and 2010 was gone and then someone stole January. I will be celebrating this weekend with a fun Saturday night of sushi with whoever loves me enough to brave the cold.

In a I-heart-etsy-forever-fangirl moment I created an Etsy Collection of Aquarius stuff/gifts/paintings/crafts/jewelry. I think it’s fun my mom, myself, and 2 of my best friends are Aquarians. So if you happen to know a person or two with birthdays in the next few weeks here are some gift ideas for you.

aquarius gifts on etsy

Speaking of Etsy – do you have any Etsy stores I should stalk? I’m wanting to support the 20something/20sb crowd particularly.

Other things you should know about:

To recap: do know any 20something Etsy store owners? What do you want to accomplish by age 30? Go read all those links.

4 thoughts on “This and That: Superbowl, Etsy, Sushi, Love, Blogging and Birthdays

  1. Talk about busy and ambitious – look at YOU! I work on those “weekends” too because I like that I do – kudos to you (and me :)) for finding and creating that.

    Also, I kind of want to make a Taurus collection now…

  2. I didn’t get a chance to comment over the weekend — just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful shout-out — you are amazing! I’m with Doni – YOU are a total rockstar! Thanks for inspiring all of us to be awesome!!

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