Continuation of Googlicious

The first round was so much fun I’ve decided to make this a weekly series. I get several google searches for twenty something and other things that make sense, but that’s not entertaining. The purpose of googlicious is to pick the funny/odd keyword searches.

  • 101 ways to annoy your parents – I am not sure why I keep coming up for ways to annoy people, it has never been my goal in life to annoy anyone
  • all opposed say yay – yeah that is my pet peeve. Check out my previous post if you want to know the different between yeah, yay, & yea.
  • bra back fat – yeah, sorry to tell you honey you need a new bra.
  • convertible shoe – that was crazy, the photo is here along with several other crazy shoes
  • do you need friends in your 30s – I’m sorry for whoever is looking for the answer to this question, my answer would be friends are important for every age
  • doom generation x y – are we doomed? I don’t get it.
  • fun friday ideas – here’s my idea … join our 20something group and check out the crazy postings in our blogroll
  • funny, dads – I’m not an expert and I don’t have any advice to make your dad funny, but I will tell ya my dad is funny
  • impulse spending addiction and stop credit card addiction – hey I hear your pain buddy, maybe you should try freezing your credit card
  • im in ur side / stealin ur heartz – oh how I love those cute little kitties
  • one hundred one ways to do something – how can I help you if you don’t even know what it is you want to do?
  • pink ipod – Oh yes I love ipods and I especially love the pink shuffle – I won one and then I bought one for my friend.
  • speak like gen y – do we have our own language?
  • spellr – that was my play on words for the crazy flickr speller
  • stalkerific – that is very odd, at first this word was funny but what if some crazy stalker actually is stalkerific. Should we be scared?

On a related note … I just checked my spam comments and this was one that was flagged as spam “There are three kinds of women: the pretty ones, the ugly ones, and the blondes…” — Now what exactly is that supposed to mean? Blondes aren’t pretty or ugly we are just our own set of beauty standards?

6 thoughts on “Continuation of Googlicious

  1. I admit. It was me who googled bra back fat. I will now hang my head in shame an head for the nearest Nordstom Lingere Department……


  2. Ashlie- No reason to hang your head in shame, bra sizing is just one of those things that us girls have to figure out.

    I saw a funny card today that said some percent of women (forgot the #) wear the wrong bra size. I say I have been wearing the right size I just have the wrong size boobs to fill them out. Made me laugh.

    Either way I’m glad the wonder world of google brought you to our lovely pink corner. Hope to see you back soon!

  3. And naturally, I’m loving the 101 ways to annoy your parents. Hahaha. I’m an awful person.

    Elysa, is it just me or is the 20somethings site not working?

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