Hump Day Humor: Googlicious

My last post was about using Google Analytics as a form of monitoring your blog traffic progress. What I didn’t tell you is that it has also be a great form of entertainment. I will take the lead from The Laidback Buddhist & Alydabear and turn my google keyword searches in to public domain.

gen pink

For some reason it surprises me that the #1 keyword search is gen pink. How do people even know what that is to search for it. I made it up.

martha stewart modeling photos

Yes, that is old news. Martha Stewart used to model.

101 positions one hundred

I can only imagine what they were looking for. I did have a post of 101 different 101 lists that’s the best I can help you with your search for “positions”.


I am pretty grumpy about this one. When I first started GenPink I decided to add a section about little tidbits about “going green” I came up with GenGreen and then did a search to see if anyone was using that name. And according to google the answer WAS no. Well last week I was notified that gengreen is now trademarked soooo please refer to Girls Gone Green if you are looking for ways to green your life.

twenty something financial tips

Here’s my financial tip – spend less than you make and life will be happy. No I joke, you can find financial tips for twenty somethings understand the category called finances (bet you never would have guessed that).

1001 ways to annoy your roommate

That is pretty funny. I have had my fair share of roommates but I don’t think I could come up with 1001 ways to annoy them.

generation x birth dates

The answer to that question is … there are no set dates. If you care to know more check out When does Gen X end and Gen Y begin.

life in your thirties

Sorry can’t help you I’m trying to figure out my twenties. I’ll let ya know when I get there. I did watch an Oprah episode about the difference between life in your thirties vs twenties.

10 thoughts on “Hump Day Humor: Googlicious

  1. I made the mistake of writing about Britney Spears one upon a time on my blog, so my Google Analytics data has been destroyed by searches (every day) for all manner of her bodily parts…

  2. alyndabear and i started our sunday google-age series around the same time, and i have loved mine. it’s my favorite day of the week, and leads to countless hours of entertainment for me and my readers. :) everyone should keep track of site stats somehow, just for the giggles!

  3. The 1001 ways to annoy your roommate made me laugh out loud. There’s actually a college kid somewhere in his dorm, googling this in the middle of the night.

  4. Nice work on the Google-age! You did good.

    (Except I now have Googlicious in my head.. like the Fergie song.. to which I completely blame you.)

  5. Jonathan- Thanks for adding her to my search feeds now!

    Lara- Google-age is such a fun idea – but to be different mine is called Googlicious. I think I will start doing mine every Sunday. It really is crazy the things people come up with.

    Lisa- That is so true and I am glad that college kid was not my roommate. Who really needs 1001 ways?

    Joanne- Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment on my name choice. I don’t believe I have seen you around here before how did you find me?

    alyndabear- The Fergie song reference was totally intentional. So you have 2 options – get that song stuck in your head ever week or avoid my blog on Sunday ;)

  6. LOLs, I think the question is how did you find me? ;) I found your site because you dropped a line on my Blog Action Day post saying that you were participating, so I followed the link and really liked what I saw/read…added you to my feed and ta-da! here I am =)

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