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On turning 29: my year to Belong

Posted on On turning 29: my year to belong

This post was originally posted in a series on I just rediscovered it. It was written 3 years ago. As I’m approaching yet another birthday, I’ll be evaluating what “this is my year to ____” might be for 2014. Spoiler alert, the “boyfriend” I mention in the post that I wanted to belong with, ended up becoming my husband. So, I guess setting my intentions work. Revisiting this post… Read more

Why I disagree with “become a morning person to be more productive” advice

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It’s 12:36 am as I write this post. I am a third generation night owl. You may not believe that your sleeping habits are genetic, but I do, particularly after talking to my mother the other night on the phone at 3am. At least once a month I see a post similar to this one from Lifehacker: Be More Productive by Waking Up Early (400 Facebook Likes) or Why You… Read more

Not Ready

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Have you ever been in a situation that you didn’t feel ready for but that there really was no way to really ever be ready. Like stomp-your-feet, hold-your-breath, wish-you-could-do-something to change the outcome because you “don’t wanna.” Have you ever experienced this feeling? Perhaps it came when looking for a new job, starting a new school year, from a friend moving away or in worst case losing someone. I know… Read more

If you can’t say something nice…

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We’ve all heard it, probably from our mothers… “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.” This statement seems to be haunting me lately. I’ve been analyzing whether or not this statement is true for those of us who blog, or speak in public, or write books. So here’s my question — if you have a public voice (in any platform) do you live by the rules… Read more

when was the last time you …

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ate something you cooked yourself bought something you’ve been wanting for a while called someone just to say hi discovered something new about yourself entertained people in your home felt what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes gave back heard a child laugh indulged just listened to the sounds of silence kissed ’til your lips hurt loved someone so much it hurt mentored someone noticed beauty in… Read more

Do you demi-task?

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I learned a new word today: demi-task Jody Gilbert at TechRepublic asks, “Do you listen 100 percent of the time or are you usually mentally engaged in several things at once?”. In her article 10 great ideas from five great bosses Jody states: Top dogs know that nobody can multitask effectively over the long haul. They’ve figured out how to focus with laser-like precision. And their team members come to… Read more

Who am I if not …

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One of the things that I love about writing, and reading other people’s writing, is that sometimes all that it takes is one sentence or even one word to hit a spark right to the heart – as if this writer was reading your mind. That happened to me tonight … It’s a Tuesday evening, I had plans after work (but I kind of got blown off by a really… Read more

Economic Mess: Are we better off than our parents?

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I was reading a blog post (A New Generation Gap) in which Mike Neiss, a baby boomer, discusses his perspective of how the boomer generation “failed to build a solid foundation for those who will follow us. We have made a mess. We are not the victims of changing economic conditions, we created them.” He goes on to say “the next generation may be the first in a long time… Read more

Do you call yourself a feminist?

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Twenty something blogger, Sarah (aka Sarahbration) sparked quite a conversation on 20sb (20something bloggers network) all surrounding one word … feminist. The original question was quite simple and to the point: International Women’s Day got me thinking about feminism and how few people in our generation seem to identify themselves as feminists. I’m curious to hear what other 20-somethings think. Three days later and 9 pages of debating back and… Read more

Gen Y: Waking Up Unemployed?

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Unemployment – the "u-word" as I’m seeing it referred to in the headlines of my google reader is touching the lives of several Gen Yers in my social sphere. Last week we had a dinner with all of my graphic design friends and one of the girls at dinner told us not only was she laid off but her whole company was closing down. So the question to ask here is what’s a girl to do? Read more

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